Now that spring is in the air, the PAX of Durham and Chapel Hill have been making a strong push for our Saturday workout, Thin Blue Line. We must really be exciting some folks as 2 CLT metro pax, OBT (yes, THAT OBT) and Breakfast Club, joined our ranks for a combo beatdown by YHC and Rodeo.

Pre-beatdown: 3 pax underwent some ruck training – and forgot how to tell time, requiring a quick mile hump back to the start

Warm-up: high knees, butt kicks, karaoke with high knee, high knees, bounding, arm circles

Mosey to the PAINground – along the walk – marching incline merkins down the wall (30 total)

15 minute “Fun Run” – partner up – run TOGETHER about 1/4 to 1/2 mile through park, 10 cadence count freddie mercurys, run back, 10 burpees, 5 pull-ups – repeat for 15 minutes – pax were able to go around 3 sets – plank it out – mosey back to soccer field for Rodeo…

Lil’ mid-workout Mary
10count LBC, 10count, Sochi hammers, 10count rosalita – repeato
10 McFlerkins (merkin with arm raise at the bottom), repeato LBC/SH/rosalita again

Full field ark loader – bear crawl to 1/4 field, crab walk 1/4 field, gorilla walk 1/4 field, sprint to end and yog it back (plank it in between… it started out as a relay) – rinse & repeat x2

Usain Bolt – each pax gets 1 exercise to give group while they run the sideline and back – LBCs, burpees (second.. really?!), full leg raises, flutter, EKGs, peter parkers, knee up merkins, calf raises, body weight air squats, carolina drydocks, Sochi hammers.. there were 2 more…

5 count Sochi hammers around the circle


– it was great to have our CLT metro brothers here in Churham – wise words from OBT about headlocking everyone we need in order to grow our numbers – this guy know what he’s talking about … just think about where F3 has gone from 1/1/11 to today… this will require us all to get it going… nicer weather will make it easier – Tclaps to OBT and Breakfast Club for making the journey and prayers to your family
– Our version of the Mule, the Ram, is tenatively scheduled for 3/29 – watch twitter for more details
– Mud Run is coming up… per OBT, 10 more pax and F3 will have 500 entered.. simply unreal
– A word to the wise; don’t bear crawl near Rodeo’s dog, Emma… she’ll treat you like you’re smuggling coke over the border… I’m just saying…
– CK!