In an effort to battle the bulge and get off our duffs, we embarked upon the crazy journey of F3 GO to fight for supremacy and become F3 Masters by collecting all the F3 monsters in the park. Pax were invited to bring their phone for added entertainment. The Q texted different images with instructions throughout the workout. After completing exercises, the pax were rewarded with finely crafted graphic images of their collected “F3 monsters”! It is only a coincidence that the F3 monster shared any resemblance to the pax of NE- Wake mixed with other familiar characters.

91% Humdity


  • Side Straddle Hops X25
  • Windmills X25
  • Mountain Climbers x25
  • Good Mornings x25

The Thang

  • After the warm-up the pax ran the trails at Rolesville Main Street Park in the direction of the school. Along the way we encountered several creatures. The first mystery creature required:
    • (1) Pika-poo Squats – 50 Sumo Squats  OYO  (squat hold until everyone completes)
    • REWARD = PeeWee Pika-Poo 
  • Further down the trail we happened upon another mysterious virtual creature that required:
    • (2) Captain Merkins – 30 Merkins  OYO  (squat hold until everyone completes)
    •  REWARD = Captain Fubar
  • As the pax rounded the corner of the trail by the shelter and came upon the gravel parking lot we came upon another that required:
    • (3) Imperial Squats – 30 Imperial Squat Walkers   OYO  (squat hold until everyone completes)
    • REWARD = Moon Trooper
  • As we rounded the corner we turned sharply toward the often visited rock pile in the drainage ditch for more fun with non-existent creatures!
    • (4) Pet Rock Lifts – IN CADENCE
      • 10 Bent Over Rows,
      • 10 Curls
      • 10 Tricep Extensions,
      • 10 Alternating Shoulder Taps
      • 10 Chest Presses on the ground
    • REWARD = the Dude (Rocks & Abides)
  • After taking a brief rest for a couple of 10-counts, the pax gathered speed as we headed toward the school parking lot.
    • (5) Speedy Jumping Lunges – 30   OYO  (plank until everyone completes)
    • REWARD = Speedy Jon Cinco
  • Our run around the parking lot brought us closer to the school and with a noticeable groan from the pax we headed straight towards the walls. Everyone guessed what was coming and even knew, before we started, who would be featured in the next creature collection!
    • (6) Balls to the Wall – 5 counts down the line
    • REWARD = Anonymous ??? Anonymous
  • After catching our breath we rounded the corner of the school to go to the back end basket ball court for more fun.
    • (7) the Burpeenator – 30 Burpees   OYO  (squat hold until everyone completes)
    • REWARD = Patina the Burpeenator
    • (8) Animal Arm Circles w/ no release inbetween  IN CADENCE
      • 25 count Arm Circles…hold
      • 25 count Reverse Arm Circles…hold
      • 25 count Moroccan Night Clubs…release
    • REWARD = Floppy Animal
  • As the pax came to the field and track a miraculous thing happened…we found an egg. To hatch the egg, the pax had to complete:
    • (9) suicides down the field  (plank hold until everyone completes)
    • REWARD = Hatched a Handy Manny Baby
  • After completing a partial lap around the field we came across, arguably, the strangest of the creatures thus far. To capture this illusive and peculiar F3 monster we had to:
    • (10) Frank’n Mercury’s – 30 Count Freddie Mercury’s  IN CADENCE
    • REWARD = Dr. Frank’n Legs
  • The pax hit the trails again to head back toward the flag, but along with way we uncovered our next to last creature:
    • (11) Star Jumps – 25  OYO  (squat hold until everyone completes)
    • REWARD = Patrick “Chimi” Starfish
  • The pax were then instructed to race back to the flag and then hold a plank while the rest arrived.
    • (12) Strong Abs
      • 50 LBCs  OYO
      • 25 Box Cutters   IN CADENCE
      • 25 American Hammers  IN CADENCE
    • REWARD = Strong Ab Casey

Completed during The Thang

We welcomed the FNG and named him Gru

Promoted other area workouts (Agoge M 5:30AM, Excalibur TH 5:45AM, Joyner F 5:30AM) Johnny 5 shared that Sharkbait is looking to try a startup workout at his church on Tuesdays next month. Chimichanga shared a ThirdF option starting Sept 27 and continuing every Thursday 6:30-7:15AM at Wake Forest Coffee Co to study “The True Measure of a Man”

Prayer Requests:
Floppy’s Father-in-Law
Anonymous & Handy Manny’s pastor recovery
Pray for Chimichanga’s 2.0, Liam

Casey took us out