Ever since the Resurgence last month, the Chapel Hill/Durham F3 group has continued to increase in numbers, and most importantly FNGs. This weekend, 13 PAX (including 1 FNG) arrived in the not-so-gloom for a combined beatdown by Adolphus, Floyd and Chester. We learned some things about our Q’s today. For instance, Floyd likes to tell a story with his workouts. While Adolphus keeps the PAX wondering “why am I toting around this heavy rock while running in the park,” the rest of the workout has more of a plot. “Of course this make sense…we are on a train ride in the mountains.” We also learned that Floyd likes symmetry in his workout. If you rode the Cackalacky choo-choo through the Tunnel of Love to get to the mountains, of course you have to go back through it on the way home.

The Thang:
Imperial Walkers
Good Mornings
Mountain climbers (Chester: “Mountain climbers in the warm-up???”)
Slow count Merkins

Adolphus’ workout
Run to the pit of doom and pick out a large boulder. Run with said boulder to the PAINground. Once there, the PAX would break off 2 at a time to do 10 pullups while the remaining PAX did various rock weight exercises. Bicep curls, Squats, Top shelf, military press, Plank with one hand on Boulder (This is where the smart PAX who got flat rocks rather than round really shined). Run Back to Turf field. “Gently” place the rock back in the pit of doom, exactly where you got it of course.

Floyd’s workout: Train ride to the mountains
Ride the Cackalacky choo-choo (FNG Will was amazing at jumping. More on that later)
Ride through the Tunnel of Love

Floyd’s Thang: 30 seconds of movement, 10 seconds rest, 30 seconds of rest. Repeat 4 times.
1. Walking lunges, Merkins (Coco was amazing at this. He was the reverse Sampson since he just got his head shaved for St. Baldricks)
2. Caterpillar Walk, Makhtar N’Diaye (Lo Pair took exception to the name of this one)
3. Jump Lung walk, Jump in place, then go to the ground and back up when Floyd tells you to.

Ride through the Tunnel of Love
Ride the Cakalacky choo-choo (Symmetry!)

Chester does Mary:
6″ leg raise x 130 count
Heels to Heaven
Parker Peters (I thought they were Peter Parkers…who knew?)
WWII situps
Freddy Mercuries

Aye Churham…keep up the good work!
Welcome FNG Woody who proved during the choo-choo that white men CAN jump
Let’s keep it going. Invite as many FNGs as you can
Thursdays need some love. Herndon Park in Durham 5:30. Be there!