“Mast-head, there! Look sharp, all of ye! There are whales hereabouts! If ye see a white one, split your lungs for him!”

-Captain Ahab speaking to the oarsmen, in pursuit of Moby Dick

The 27 Catalyst PAX gathered under blue skies and the rising sun for the day’s beating. As we launched, YHC challenged the men to push beyond the normal bounds. In the words of Captain Ahab, “Split your lungs!”

So we did.

Here’s how it went down.


1) Stairs of Despair – Down the stairs, then back up each time for:

Standard Mericans x15 in cadence / Wide Grip Mericans x15 / Diamond Mericans x15 / Standard Mericans x15 / Wide Grip x15 / Standard Mericans x15

Recover on the jog

2) Jumps & Sprints

Group 1 – Basketball Court Suicides

Group2 – Rock Toe-taps > then Flapjack


Round 2 JumpUps / Round 3 Mogul Side-hops over the rock / Round 4 Mogul front-hops over the rock

Run up stairs to school brick walls

3) Overkill Balls to the Wall & Mixed Mary

  • Balls to the Wall x10 / LBCs x20
  • Balls to the Wall x15 / Freddie Mercuries x20
  • Balls to the Walll x20 / Heels to Heaven x20
  • Balls to the Wall x25 / WWII Situps x20 (These last two, the PAX were challenged to make up their minds to endure to the end. Solid work, men.)
  • Balls to the Wall x30 / American Hammers x20

4) To the Track, Men

Run four 220s – At each stop: Std Mericans x15 / WideGrip x15 / Diamond x15 / Std Mericans x15 / Squats x20

Lunge Walk 100 meters

5) Burpee broad jumps to Stairs

6) Brain-Bend Burpees 

Descending, OYO: 10-9-8…2-10



Moleskin: The PAX rose to the challenge. Lungs split wide. Solid effort, brethren. Lot of #mumblechatter but a focused quiet arose with the final burpees. That’s the silence of split lungs.

  • Next week is Expansion Week: F3WakeForest – June 2, F3Wilmington – June 7, new Wed workout at Williams Park, new Friday workout at Baileywick Park, see website for details, sign up to Q
  • Prayers for Abacus’ M. while he goes west to train up the new Teach for America recruits.
  • For Zima’s co-worker dealing with cancer.
  • For YHC leading a wedding, preaching
  • For Costco’s family returning from Cali

Ended by describing the what the Jews call the Shemah: “Hear, O Israel: The Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your strength.”

Jesus named this as the greatest commandment. Another way of saying it is: Love God with everything you’ve got. More than your job, more than your spouse even, more than your kids, more than anything else in life–we are built to love God with everything we’ve got. And when we do, the rest of life follows. So, brothers, live your lives this way.

  • Rain Man prayed us out.