The VSF was planted as a hearty PAX descended on Roanoke Park. Don’t ask me for a number, I’m too confused… You’ll see why.

COP Warm-up:
SSH x20, Sir Fazio Arm Circles x8 & reverse x8, Good Morning x 20, explosive Merkins x15 (down slowly on the 3 count cadence, explode up on the group count, for those who don’t know… Ahem)

Six gear stations, set up in my closest approximation to a hexagon, create an outer boarder. Inner circle of cadence count exercises. Gear guys go AMRAP during the cadence, then all rotate clockwise AND switch from gear to cadence (or cadence to gear). Continue until everyone returns to their starting position.

Gear Stations:
Mama Junk Flips
2-handed KB swings
Curls with cinder blocks
Body Builders with Sears Bar or Cinderella Bar
Bent-over row with 45lb plate
Alternating shoulder press with Medicine Ball

Cadence Count (all x25 unless specified)
Mountain Climbers
High Flutter
Alternating forward lunges
Carolina Dry Docks
Cannon ball
Prisoner Squat
Wide-grip Merkin
WWII sit-up
Ski Abs
Burpee x 15
Windshield Wipers
Dealer’s choice (see Moleskin)

After full rotation, we lined-up for a group bear crawl from the volleyball net to the softball backstop. 30 cadence count of people’s chair. Crab walk back to the hexagon.

Repeat the hexagon and cadence work.

Repeat the bear crawl, people’s chair, crab walk.

50 cadence count of Russian Hammers


Desire to keep the instruction short and the work long led to a well-deserved amount of questions/mockery/confusion regarding the logistics of the hexagon/inner circle set-up. Rule number 1 in Q-ing the Rubik’s Cube that is Heavy Metal: don’t out-think yourself. #QFail

Despite the stumble at the start, YHC was impressed with how the group adapted and fell into the pattern. I have plans for refining this set-up, but your suggestions are always encouraged.

Let it be noted that the Fungo contingent, when given dealer’s choice on cadence, chose 16 Merkins simply to one-up the Flatline contingent. This will not be forgotten.