YHC was greeted upon arrival by Countrywide and Au Pair. Two Hopebuilder FNGs ready to be a part of something bigger than themselves.  Based on a text earlier in the day from MDufresne, the family was heading to the NC State Fair.  Dufresne wasn’t heading anywhere until he got his Thursday F3 workout in.  The funnel cake would have to wait…

Leg Lifts – (alternating) sets of 20 x 2
Leg Presses – (alternating) sets of 20 x 2
Leg Rolls – (alternating) sets of 20 x 2

Continued prayers for perseverance for Dufresne, for his family, and the gift of the F3 brotherhood with him.  He was feeling better than he did on Tuesday and if there’s one thing we’ve come to learn through Hopebuilder, Dufresne is one determined man.  Bet against him and you’re bound to be disappointed.

T-claps to Dufresne for not wanting to miss a single workout.  That’s strong.

T-claps to Au Pair  and Countrywide for their first Hopebuilder post.  Although we did an abbreviated workout, seeing our man Dufresne motoring through his reps, surrounded by his family,  and chomping at the bit to go to the NC State Fair you realized you’ve witnessed something profound.

T-claps to Pack Man who joined us again today and jumped right in to counting reps and sporting a cool Underwood Elementary backpack.  Au Pair thinks there may be a Go Ruck candidate here.

Looking forward to Grillz and Epoxy making their first post tomorrow.

Check the Google Doc, sign up, and be ready to share a laugh.  I’m starting to think one of Dufresne’s favorite parts is hearing how we all “received” our F3 names.  Come share yours…