Six faithful cary-ites gathered around the VSF in the crisp gloom of North Cary Park to work on our need for speed.

Warmup: SSH x 25, GM x 15

Off to run up the road a ways, stopping occasionally for a burpee or two (or three), some lunge walks, butt kickers, etc. for about half a mile. Circle up in one of Cary’s finest spec home subdivisions for a round of quiet merkins so as not to wake the chilrens. Run back, stopping at east light pole for an activity with some fast runs in between until we returned to the park. (this took about 20 minutes)

To the graveyard for sprint-a-rama. Sprint the length of the courts, peoples chair for 10, repeato x 4.

Jog to the field for a mary relay. each man calls out a mary move whilst he runs to the other goal and performs 5 burpees before returning. LBC, Six Inch, Freddy Mercury, WWII, high plank, Vs.

Mosey to the pavilion. grab a bench for some dips x 10, danks and derkins x 10, left leg steps x 10, right leg steps x 10, incline plank x 10, incline low plank hold x 10. dips x 5, danks and derkins x. 10, left leg steps x 10, right leg steps x 10, incline planks x 10, incline low plank hold x 10.

Lunge walk back to the graveyard.

Bear Crawl suicides x four lines, two court lengths.

Lunge walk suicides x. four lines, two court lengths, run backwards to the return.

People’s Chair.



Prayers for MCK’s mother, who had open heart surgery and for MCK who is caring for her.

Prayers also for Key West as he looks to sign his life away to own a little piece of heaven in the “Quay.

Announcements: 3rd F convergence dinner on Tuesday, November 12 at 6:00 pm at Tyler’s Taproom in Seaboard Station.

Join YOYO to train for the GORUCK. Just do it and question the sanity later.