6 PAX decided that a new, earlier rounding time would not keep them from putting a downpainment on the day.  Instead, they went to the upper deck of the Duke Hospital parking deck for this morning’s installment of F3 Durham.

The Thang:

Run to the top of the top deck and back, switching at each light post from forward run to backward run, karaoke, backward high knees, and backward butt kickers.

Imperial walkers x 20
Mountain climbers x 20
Something else x something

12 Days of Christmas (which only ended up being six due to poor time management by Riggs):

6 stations, 6 exercises (pullups, squat jumps, merkins, dry docks, jump lunges, rows).  Start with 12 reps, then 11, then 10, etc. 


LBCs x 20
Bicycles x 20
Leg throw-downs x something



Most of us were not deterred by the set back of the earlier rounding time – strong showing by the PAX.  Floyd got the morning started off right by doing his best Leonardo Dicaprio from Titanic impression from the top of the parking deck (“I feel like I’m at the top of the world”…or at least that’s what I heard him say).

Great to see Dream Catcher back in the fold, even if he was a little under the weather.

T-claps to Liz for posting for the second time.  As promised, a new name was bestowed – Kung Fu Panda, or KFP for short.