Two of Raleigh’s finest gathered at Cedar Hills Park in the light rain to continue preparing for the February GORUCK in Charlotte.  YHC just happened to read the latest GORUCK training backblast from the Charlotte PAX and decided the frisbee golf course would be a great place to play.  I must give credit where it’s due.

YHC arrived 20 min early and was eager to try out the new ruck and freshly wrapped bricks, so I threw down 50 burpees (it was day 3 of The 12 Days of Burpees Challenge after all), 20 merkins, 20 mountain climbers, 20 squats, and some inverted rows on the swing set to warm up.

Tecumseh showed up right on time and proceeded to extract two 25 lb bags of rice from his trunk, one for each of us to carry along with our rucks/weight vest.  Tecumseh was sporting 33 lbs in his vest and me with 24 lbs in the ruck.  We then proceeded to hole #1 where we teed off with 30 more burpees then headed down the fairway.

We stopped at each hole and did various exercises.  Tecumseh did 10 burpees at the first 5 holes to match my warmup burpees.  I did squats, merkins, lunges, rice squat press, etc while he did burpees.  We continued on to the remaining holes doing squat holds, merkins, lunges, more rice squat presses, LBC, hill repeats, more merkins, etc, etc.

We ended up going the wrong way a couple times so Tecumseh imposed two more sets of penalty burpees.  By the time we finished our round of golf we had done 120 burpees during our adventure.  Note to self… pack ruck tighter so bricks don’t hit head!

Strong showing out there Tecumseh!  I wouldn’t have worked half as hard if you weren’t there pushing me!

For your viewing pleasure, the Buck Rogers decoder report…

Finally, we need 13 more PAX to make an even 90.  If you are on the fence…get off!  Come join your brothers for an adventure you’ll always remember and let American Pie know you want to come out and play!