The shovel flag stayed dry in the car this morning due to rain as the PAX of 10 gathered at North Hills. The plan was to break the seal on an untested offering at the park….the hill to be named later. The lesson today is that simple does not equal easy.

The Thang (Chong Li Leads):

Currituck Trot lead by Chong Li

Warm Up:

SSH x30, Imperial Walkers x 30, Mountain Climbers x 25, Good Mornings x25 Fazio Arm Circles L&R x 20

Fellowship jog to picnic tables

Pain Table (done in cadence counts)

20x Dips, 20x Decline Merkins, 20x Incline Merkins

15x Dips, 15x Decline Merkins, 15x Incline Merkins

10x Dips, 10xDecline Merkins, 10x Incline Merkins

5x Dips, 5x Decline Merkins, 5x Incline Merkins


(Maize leads) Each member of the PAX grabs a stone from the rock pile and heads to “The Hill”

Elevation change is around 270 feet, run down with your stone and back up. 2.5 times through.

Rockin’ Mary

(White Shoe leads) Everyone keeps their rock

Russian Hammers x25

LBCs x30

Crotch Sweats x20 for 2 rotations

WW2 Sit Ups x 20


-First usage of the hill at the park, 270 foot elevation change over a 1/3 mile. Accepting all nominations for a name, it’s worthy of a label.

-The pain station at the picnic tables was rough, Chong Li laid the lumber and then provided insight to the future…the pyramid version. Lots of groans and muffled cries for FEBA that were stifled by pain.

-T-claps to White Shoe & MWhite Shoe for being great hosts last Saturday night for the F3 Christmas Party, also to King David for some great pig. Was quite a spread and it’s rare that you’ll have BBQ that needs no sauce (or that you would even want any). I’m from South Carolina and I’ve never had BBQ that I didn’t want to put mustard sauce on until Saturday night.

-Impressive work this morning by White Shoe and Money Hose taking on sizable stones for Sisyphus. No fear, no regrets, and no trading down. Strong!

– For those who fartsacked due to rain, you are lame. Yes the ground was wet and there was precipitation but it was 55 degrees!!! Mornings this warm in December should be taken advantage of regardless of the elements.

-Buck Rogers report coindentally cuts short near the bathroom, simply an equipment malfunction (I’m talking about his watch).

– New Year’s Day Convergence at Pullen Park…double down opportunity with OT Challenge afterwards. Bring your towel.
-This will be me final Q for the year, so don’t want to leave without thanking the F3 Founding Fathers for this great program along with the Raleigh crew that lead a truly successful expansion. Wendell Gee, Big Sproles, Money Hose, Fazio, CK, Howard, & White Shoe provided the the greatest gift to a transfer from Charlottte to Raleigh….F3. Don’t want to think what life would be like here without it, God bless you along with the rest of the Raleigh PAX.
-This week’s assignment. Call someone you haven’t spoke to in a long time, it’ll be great for the both of you.