The chilly┬áPAX of 19 (+1 Ruck) gathered at Pullen to witness another maiden Q voyage by a fellow mate. This time up it was Grease Monkey who clearly has had visions dancing in his head over the past couple of months. We tried a movie theme outing on for size….

The Thang:

Indian Run through the park (Passing the Ruck)

COP: “Ode to White Shoe”

Russian Hammers x36, Burpees x36, LBCs x36, SSHx36, Imperial Walkers x36,Merkins x36

Back to School: The Quadruple Lindy

PAX breaks into 4 groups, 4 stations marked around Pullen Pond…go through the rotation 2 times

Stations: 25 Knee Ups, 25 Decline Merkins, 50 LBCs, 25 Dips


25 Jump Ups

50 Calf Raises

run to base of Half Pipe


The groups from QL each take on a picnic table. One man gets on top while others carry him (you read correctly) across the lot. At each stop we had sets. 15 Decline Merkins per man at one end, 20 Leg Throws at the other

4 Carries Total (this was rough)

The Great Escape

Run to the top of the hill. Group 1 jumps the fence and then down from the wall, sprint through the woods (each group takes a turn). Rotate through all 4.

10 Jumping Lunges at the top, others did Heel Kicks while waiting their turn

Jog back to base



-This was tougher than it reads IMHO. Lots of reps throughout the hour. T-Claps to Grease Monkey with a new wrinkle on the picnic tables and a strong lead. Can’t wait for round 2 from him…coming in January!

-The first presence of a Ruck was this morning, White Shoe celebrated #36 with a GoRuck pack and wrapped up his bricks in fine form. YHC is impressed with the handy work. Looking forward to some creativity when we have a few to pass around out there. Indian Run with the Ruck was a crowd pleaser.

-T-claps to Munson, 3 days with 3 posts…strong brother. Kotters to Caddie and Pac Man, when you come all the time and then don’t for a week we miss you…glad to see you back.

-Pre T-claps to White Shoe for hosting tonight and Kind David cooking the pig. Should be great fun, looking to see who’s first to do a Balls to the Wall Keg Stand this evening.

-By popular request and demand  the Buck Rogers report below:

Happy Holidays and safe travels.