Despite the hard rain and wind all night, 8 faithful posted for a great kick off to the next best thing since sliced bread.  The shovel flag was planted, the wind was blowing and the clocked hit 05:00.

Warmup (CK):
1/2 mile run to the collesium
SSH x10
Merkins x10
Imperial Walkers x10
Wind Mills x10

Jog to yet another field of concrete for:
quick feet x20
20 yard wind sprints x12
Plank it out
Wall jumps x10

Part 2, Wonk’s lead:
Squat hold, followed by wall jump x10
Plank Hold
Alternating Thigh Slaps x10
Love Machines x10
Crawl up/down railings
Run to collesium and partner up
1 man doing Merkins, the other sprint the stairs, 5 burpees and back, switch
1 man doing squat hold, the other sprint the stairs, 10 squats and back, switch x2
Chinese fire drill around courtyard
High knees, karaoke
Jog back to the only grass in all of Duke’s campus

Part 3, Howard takes flight with a round of Mary consisting of:
six inch leg hold x10
lbc x10
russian hammers x10
froggies x10
rosalitas x10
hello dolly x10
high slow flutter x10
spider crawl back to concrete and jog back to shovel flag

tclaps to Riggs for organizing this and having 5 guys post strong at 05:00
tclaps to Howard and Wonk for making the trek to Durham at 05:00, strong!
tclaps to Bevo and Nurse for joining up 10 minutes into the workout
tclaps to Riggs and Doogie for almost pulling a Larry Bird on CK during the wind sprints

This is a great group of guys who are already in great shape and are natural leaders.  I am looking forward to watching F3 Durham grow.