Two of the faithful planted the VSF and ventured out into the blustery gloom for a lap around Lake Johnson.

The Thang:

Run the approx. 3-mile trail around Lake Johnson

VCOP:  plank jacks, lunge walk, dips, incline merkins, step-ups, plank walk/merkin walk, butt kickers, high knees, staggered merkins left, staggered merkins right, diamond merkins


  • We figured to be the only fools out early in the less than ideal post-Sandy conditions, and we were correct.
  • Banter was strong and all was well until we left the shelter of the woods and turned onto the dam, at which point Mother Nature delivered a strong right hook with a 25 mph gust accross the water.  Almost repeated the double knockout scene from Rocky II, but we both managed to pull a Balboa and stagger across the finish line.
  • Tclaps to Riggs, CK, Howard and Wonk for helping launch F3 Durham this morning.  Great sign that 8 men would roll out at 5 am on a morning like this to get things started in the Bull City.  Maize and I are on tap to lead next week and would love to have a few Raleigh Pax head over with us to keep up the momentum.
  • Thoughts and prayers to those dealing with storm and its aftermath, especially those who have lost loved ones.