A strong Pax ignored the red flag warnings from Sandy and ventured out in the gloom for the weekly tour of Pullen Park.

The Thang – Tecumseh Q

Warm up:

  • Robert Plants x 5
  • Jog around lake with lunge walk near finish
  • Circle up for seal jacks, Merkins, jump lunges, squat thrust burpee circle, imperial walkers
Mosey across street to parking lot for team work:
  • No Man Left Behind – Partner carry up hill – flapjack
  • San Francisco Treat – one partner runs up hill and back with 25lb bag of rice while other partner does series of exercises (standard merkins, wide arm shuffle merkins, squat holds) – flapjack each round

Jog back to park for modified Indian run – each Pax does full loop around Pax then heads back to front of line

The Thang Part Deux – Fazio Q

Jog to Gazebo for dips x 15, incline merkins x 15, step ups x 20, French dip (15 count), decline merkins x 10, step ups x 20

Mosey over to field for Cakalacky Choo-Choo – each man through line 3 times

Jog back to bottom of park for continuous COP – standard merkins x 10, high plank hold (10 count), lbc’s x 20, diamond merkins x 5, Sarkozy (5 count), Putin (5 count), scissors x 20, staggered merkins (5 each side), Freddy Mercury x 20, 6-inch leg hold for circle count


– strong crew of FNG’s this morning – welcomed Slash (Lee), Kupec (Josh), Hasselhoff (Tony), Grease Monkey (Russ), Lumberg (Brian), Judy Blume (Bobby).  Look forward to seeing you all again.

– solid first half lead by Tecumseh for his virgin Q. The  squat thrust burpee circle during warm ups was just a shot across the bow.  YHC was a bit concerned he would not last to Q the second half but somehow managed to pull through.

– COT uncovered a surprising number of Duke football fans.  Who knew? Will be interesting to see the shelf life for that – hopefully not long.

– continued prayers to Minnie’s daughter and Floppy’s mother-in-law for their health issues, and prayers to Wendell Gee’s nephew and family who are connected to the kids murdered in NYC last week.  Tough times.

– expansion opportunity is coming in the next few weeks with an FNG friendly format.  Details will be forthcoming.  That is all.