Durham Dirty Dozen, Day 4: The Warm-up Period is Over.

Day 4 of F3D3 began with a pre-blast warning: “The warm up period is over. Tomorrow marks the 2nd half of the F3D3 event. YHC and Cardiac are committed to making you beg for mercy tomorrow.” Let’s see if this was accomplished…

Extra Credit:

17 PAX arrived in the chilly morn at 0500 for the 4th day of the F3D3 event. 12 of these PAX were still eligible for completion of this daunting event. Bravo! Special note goes to Beano who wore his UNC football helmet the entire time! You are cray cray, boo.

Warm-up: Light yog around the kidney bean parking lot. It was dark, but the stars were out and were lovely. Run straight across the road to the PAINground.

EC event #1: Pull-ups, Planks and the B-word. It was announced that today’s workout is brought to you by the letter “B.” As in Bear crawls, Burpees, and Chachi’s new F3 name Beotchi.

Everyone queued up in 3 lines in plank position. Each PAX took a turn on the monkey bars. 10 pull-ups, then 5 Burpees and get back into plank position until your turn again. This was repeated 3 times.

Jog up the hill to the soccer field.

EC event #2: The Bearway to Heaven. Much to the chagrin of the PAX, this was more difficult than they were mentally prepared for. Many lamented that this was not EC material, but rather belonged in the ME. Little did they know that this was child’s play compared to what Cardiac had in store. Anyway, I digress. The B2H involved bear crawls to the 18 yard line and back with a burpee pyramid at each stop. So BC, 1 burpees, BC, 2 burpees, up to 5 and back down. This event ended a little quicker than YHC had anticipated so improvisation was on the menu.

EC event #3: The Lungeway to Merkins. Not as catchy of a name, but at least descriptive. Basically, this was the same event, but instead of BC and burpees, it was Lunge walk to the 18 and Merkins. LW, 1 merkin, LW, 2 merkins, etc up to 5 and back down.

Lunge walk back to the starting point to officially end Extra Credit!

The Main Event:
20 PAX gathered after the conclusion of EC to continue this utter madness that we call the F3D3. Floyd was just the appetizer. Cardiac brought all of the remaining courses.

Peanut loop with backwards run, high knees, butt kickers, and skipping. end at rock pile.

Warm-up. Circle up.
side shuffle hop – 5 burpees

good mornings – 5 double secret burpee (two merkins, two tuck jumps)

arm circles – 5 triple secret burpee (three merkins, three tuck jumps)

self stretch – 5 quadrouple secret burpee (four merkins, four tuck jumps)

1) Bunny hop to small hill – Jacobs ladder: 1 merkin – backwards bunny hop up – 5 merkin – army crawl down, 2 merkins, bunny hop, 4merkins, etc until done. (plank jack and SSH till all done)

2) Up down hit drill

3) 5 x-men burpee (Burpees with wide arms and legs)

4) Duck walk back to rocks – get a rock and a partner: rock over head sprint around peanut to baseballs– partner 2 one leg burpee x 2 then catch partner and switch. Mountain climber to wait for everyone to finish.

5) Circle up for sets of 10: Plank, merkin, mountclimbers, front half bottom burpee, plank jack, back half bottom burpee, ski abs, wide grip merkins

6) To the wall:
– Partner 1 rock over head toe taps – partner 2 burpees

– Partner 1 wall mountain climber – partner 2 over head press

– Partner 1 quick step ups – partner 2 low squat hold holding rock

7) To the field:

Partner plank travel. Partner 1 is in low plank, partner two high planks sideways over top of them and then goes into low plank. Really this is difficult to visualize. You had to be there. – SSH to wait – sprint back

Partner Frog jumps to mid field – SSH to wait – sprint back

8) Mary and sprints

J-Lo’s then V-sit hold

Crunchy frog the V-sit hold – sprint to mid field, then sprint back to 18

Partner leg throws then V-sit hold – sprint to far end of field

Bear crawl to 18, sprint to opposite 18, bear crawl to end line

9) 5 dead stop burpees, take your hands off the ground at the bottom of the burpee.

-Congrats to everyone who has made it out so far! 12 PAX are still in the running for the F3D3 designation. Even better is that the ME turnout has been quite strong as well. So we are pulling in a lot of participation this week.

-Sawyer says he is still in the running for the F3 Dirty Half Dozen, but I’m not really sure if this is a thing or not. I’m tempted to place it in the same category as Choo-Choo who can only come out Saturday and says he will complete the Dirty Durham Double. It all seems a bit shady to me.

-Quote of the day, by Sweats “This is Bull$hit!” Never a good sign. He has later claimed it was said because the letter of the day was B.

-I love how respectful everyone has been after an emotionally charged week in politics, despite different viewpoints. That is how ‘Merica really is.

-Tomorrow is the 5th day of F3D3 at the Falcon. Chachi has EC at 0500 and 2Ply has the 0530 ME (he should be very rested after fartsacking today).

-F3 Durham t-shirts are on sale until 11/17/16. Please don’t make me beg. Go buy a shirt. Please! Please! Please!

-Damn, you made me beg.

-Finally, don’t forget to sign up (and show up) for the end-of-the-year pig picking on Saturday. Details of the when and where are forthcoming from Chachi.

QIC: Floyd (EC), Cardiac (ME)
Workout Date: 11/10/16
The PAX: EC: Floyd, Cardiac, Coco, Riggs, T'eo, Peach, Maxwell, Sweats, Bones, Doogie, Beano, Chachi, Tater Tot, Assisi, Tuco, Juco, Cooter. ME: Floyd, Cardiac, Coco, Riggs, T'eo, Peach, Maxwell, Sweats, Bones, Doogie, Beano, Chachi, Tater Tot, Assisi, Tuco, Juco, Sawyer, Gordo, Cooter, Boucher

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