12 pax planted the VSF in the Whole Foods parking lot for a combined Durham/Raleigh downPAINment, Old School style.  [In truth, it probably should be designated Raleigh/Durham, since 6 or 7 – depending on who claims Key West – of the pax were Raleigh]

Riggs took the Q first…

SSH x 25
IW x 20
Windmills x 20

Inspired by an Old School reference by Chong Li, the Pax went streaking to the quad…

Frank the Plank:
Two men grab the concrete-filled PVC shafts and do 30 yard walking lunge down, run back.
The rest do Peter Parkers until they get back, then all do 10 merkins
Next two go, same deal – with some CDDs, wide arm merkins, planks, putins, and sarkozys mixed in

The Quad-father:
Two teams, each sends one man sprinting 50 yards with the shaft down and back, the rest do low flutter kicks.
Next man in line goes next until all have run
Losing team did 20 burpees

CK takes over the Q…
1 burpees, 2 merkins, 3 air squats, 4 of something else
2 burpees, 4 merkins, 6 air squats, 8 of that thing

7 burpees, 14 merkins, 21 air squats, 28 of whatever that was
Sprint down and backward run back

Utah takes over…
Lap around the quad with pain stations at the dorm benches and dorm steps
Super derkins
Bear crawl up and down the steps
Bear crawl
Incline merkins

Chong Li takes it home…
Backward run
Minefield run with some bear crawl, spiderman crawl, planks

LBCs x 40
Dollies x 40
Reverse LBCs x 40
WWII situps x 40


– Special thanks to the Raleigh pax for showing up today and for pushing us a little bit.  Will be good to incorporate some of that stuff into our workouts.
– Special thanks to all the Durham pax who left me hanging by myself with 6 Raleigh pax until you all rolled in at the last possible second.
– I can’t remember who lost the shaft relay…all those burpees made that whole time period fuzzy.
– FNG Iceman somehow came away with a really awesome nickname.  Maybe too awesome, except for the fact that it came from his interest in woodworking, which led to whittling, which led to a Meet the Parents reference, which led to Iceman.
– Interesting fact – the exchange rate for a broken-down car in Timbuktu is 14 camels
– Key West is OURS!!!  Or wherever he wants to go…really, it’s fine Key West….really…