It was apparent that something was up when YHC pulled up to North Hills Park at 5:38 and there were already 8-10 PAX on site.  Normally, there would be somewhere between zero and no one at that hour, with all PAX arriving between 5:43 and 5:45.  By 5:45, there was (I think) a record crowd of 24 (later to be 25), with a record 5 FNGs.  The result was Maize cried or the morning mist hit his eyes just right.  It was beautiful either way.  After a quick warm up run, we did:

Baseball Field:  break into two groups for bear/gorilla/bear/gorilla around the bases while the other group does plank hold (flap jack); karaoke around bases/air squats (flap jack); 2x sprint the bases/six  inch leg hold (flap jack)

Picnic Shelter:  Chong Li special–incline merkin/dip/derkin x 15, 10, 5 and a 15 count Alt LR step up while we rested

Tennis Courts:  3 or 4 sets of burpee suicides, with 3-4 sets of balls to the wall/peoples chair mixed in

Mary:  20 count of WWII, LBC, Rosalita, low slow flutters and standard merkin x 10



-great to have 5 FNG’s out on a somewhat rainy morning.  Keep on EHing guys.  It is working, apparently.

-the * above refers to the 19 year old FNG (Van Wilder) that posted this morning.  He may be a “baby” compared to some of us, but he is at VMI and I’m not calling anyone serving our country a baby without an asterisk.

-speaking of Van Wilder, YHC heard young Mr. Wilder call Fazio “sir.”  And it wasn’t because he thought Fazio was British Royalty or was recently knighted.  I was laughing until I realized Wilder wouldn’t have thought I was any younger than Fazio.  That said, I’m calling the arm rotations we do at warmups “Sir Fazio Arm Circles” henceforth.

-Utah killed a bumble bee by yanking out it’s stinger with his ankle during the burpee suicides.  I’ve checked on possible criminal charges and would advise Utah to claim self-defense.

-Komen Race this weekend.  Donate.  Participate.