Sixteen PAX headed into the Ball Bearings gloom for some education.

THE Thang;

Quarter mile jog to House of Cats for warm up:  SSH x 30; 25 merkins; crossover imperial walkers x 20; 15 wide merkins; good mornings x 20; 15 diamond merkins; 20 mini jump ups; straddle curb merkins x 10; alternating left right step up x 20; reverse straddle curb merkins x 10.

Jog to Broughton High School for multiple Chong Li Specials on the three level wall:

First round; 3 times through; 20, 15, 10 reps of triple level jump ups, derkins, alternating left right step ups, dips.

Jog a lap around the high school, with a little plank in the middle.

Second round; 3 times through; 20, 15, 10 reps of one arm incline merkins, single leg jump up, decline putin and sarkozy; single leg squats.

Jog back to lower field at Fletcher.

Six Minutes of Mary: LBCs x 50, reverse LBCs x 50, hello dolly x 30, rosalita x 30, WWI sit ups x 30.

Run to hamburger hill, three laps up to the top of the hill.  Back to Mary circle for COT.

  • Not too late to sign up to run or donate to Komen race this Saturday.