After wasting the first 5 minutes of our morning reading Machiavelli quotes sitting on the dashboard of an apparently abandoned Nissan Altima, we decided to get down to business in this week’s parking deck beatdown.

SSHx15, IWx10, Windmillsx10, ArmCirclesx10, ReverseArmCirclesx10

Merkin Madness – using parking space lines, start at the end, run to first line, 1 merkin, run back to start, run to second line, 2 merkins, run back, 3, 4,…. 15 (Merkin count: 120)

The Beast: 4 cones in a straight line, 6 stations, 10 yards apart, 6 rounds
1) backward run with air squats
2) run with merkins (Merkin count 156)
3) duck walk with jump lunges
4) bear crawl with CDD
5) run with merkins (Merkin count: 192)
6) dealers choice: traveling burpees with homer2marge (thanks, floyd) – merkin count 210

Airsquat Madness – using parking space lines again, do it with air squats, 1, 2, … 10

Mary: LBCs then squat thrusts, russian twists then squat thrusts, heels2heaven then squat thrusts, 6″ leg raise around the circle then squat thrusts


That Altima is just plain creepy… I think there was a jeffrey dahmer quote in the back window
Props to Floyd for blowing through the travelling burpee line and then come back to finish with the rest of us (#2ndF #fakeburpees)
Saturdays workout, 0700, Whole Foods, Duke East Campus. Be there.