While a few @F3Raleigh Members joined the @F3Durham Pax, 23 folks gathered in the humid gloom of the Magic Kingdom this morning, to sweat it out with Minnie for his first full Q (and it showed). After an impromptu legal disclaimer the heat kicked up a notch.

The Thang:

Side Shuffle Hops x 25, Imperial Walkers x25, Forward Fazio Arm Circles x25 – You’ll thank me later…. Reverse Fazio Arm Circles x25 – those shoulders will need to be warmed up…. Windmills x25 and then we were off….

Pax runs the railroad tracks at a faster than fellowship pace to the bottom of “Thunder Mountain” and split into two groups.

Group one takes the mountain, drops down for a merkin, then returns/stumbles to bottom of hill.

While Group one is taking the hill, Group two holds Sarkozy – side plank.

Flap jack and continue, increasing by one merkin each time you take the hill.  Proceed until completing 7 hill mounts and 7 merkins (sub-total =28 merkins).  On your eighth hill mount do 6 merkins declining by one for each hill mount.  Opposing group switch to Putin – side plank for the declining numbers.  When complete, 13 hill mounts and 49 merkins will have been accomplished.

Pax takes the hill one more time together while heading over to the rock pile.  Grab a rock for “Mission to Mars”.

While holding rock to chest air squats x50, pausing in the lower squat position at 20 for a 25 count, continue, pause again at 40, in lower squat position for a 20 count, continue on to 50.  Lift rock above head for triceps extensions x 50 count. 

Pax ran through half-pipe to grassy knoll “Fantasy Land” and circled up.

Carolina Dry Docks x25, Spidey Merkins x20, Impromptu Iperial Walkers x15 (Q needed to catch his lungs), Uneven right arm high – Merkins x10, Uneven left arm high Merkins x 10, More Impromptu Iperial Walkers x15 (Q lost a lung), WWII sit-ups x20, Freddy Mercury x 20

Pax ran down to fellowship field aka “Animal Kingdom”, but not for fellowship.

Group 1 – bear crawls across fellowship field and back.

Group 2 – dips on the wall while group 1 crossed field, then decline merkins while group 1 returned to starting position.


Pax convened at picnic table area “Tea Cups”.

Group 1 – balls to the wall and hold while group 2…….

Group 2 – 25 jump ups/ table-tops at your own pace.


Mary aka “Main Street USA”:

LBC x 40, WWII sit-ups x 25, Freddie Mercury x 25, High Plank hold around ½ circle for 5 counts per person, at ½ way mark of circle drop to low plank complete circle with five counts, then repeat going around the circle 2x.

          That’s a wrap.


“Lead with your heart and you mind, body and soul will follow.”

Susan Komen F3 Team on June 8th …. more info to the right of this page.

          New event for Thursday mornings at Laurel Hills Park begins June 27, 6:00am

T-claps to our F3Raleigh brethren who made the trek to Durham for a convergence.

Chewy nice showing on the second “F” for meeting us for coffee afterward.