YHC had simple goals for his first QIC 1) Don’t run out of air when calling cadence, 2) Don’t become a legend by creating mass confusion in staking out stations.  I failed at #1, and am told while avoiding #2 I may have created a different legend in that I had to spray paint the number in the grass on each station so I could remember which one was which!  Oh well, by completion of Heavy Metal I can rest in the fact that I got through it without too many “?!?!s, What The …”, at least that I could see or hear!


Quick lap around the park, then circle up beside the volley ball net

SSH x 25

Imperial Walkers x 20

Mountain Climbers x 20

Good Mornings x 20

Beginning Quote:  The Forge is a place where a hunk of metal is heated, beaten, and shaped into something useful, powerful, different.  On the inaguural meeting of the Forge the flames were fanned and the fires stoked.  The first of many beatings to shape and strengthen took place.  It is here the mettle of our metal will be challenged.  The strength of our convictions will be tested.  The depth of our passion will be proved.

9 stations set up for pain sans no confusion (I hope):  Each PAX instructed to pick a PAX partner who he knew the least, with instruction to “get to know him”.  2 minute intervals set for each station’s workout.

Station 1:  Corner bench with PAXs split between 20 walking lunges and bench dips

Station 2:  Jack Webbs till exhaustion, with the merkin/press mix being 1/3

Station 3:  35/50 lb Kettle Bell, with PAX Partners choosing which to rotate between 10 KB Squats and KB Swings

Station 4:  15 Knee Ups/15Decline Merkins alternating under the covered shed

Station 5:  15 lb Medicine Balls thrown over the backstop; then bear crawling to the other side to retrieve and repeat

Station 6:  15 Box Jumps/15 Incline Merkins on the bench beside the backstop

Station 7:  El Jefe Sprint to Stop sign;  alternating with High Plank

Station 8:  Cinder Block Man Makers till exhaustion

Station 9:  Mama Junk Flips till two minutes over, or Ms. Junk calls you out as a punk!


LBCs x 30

Putins x 15

Sarkosys x 15

Rosa Litas x 30

Low Plank Holds with around the circle count of 5/PAX

Ending Quote:  Peace is not the subtraction of problems in life; PEACE is the addition of the Power to meet those problems

COT:   Name/F3 Name/Age, no FNGs.  Cinderella sent us out for the day with a solid Prayer…Thank you Cinderella.