2 Durham PAX found themselves in Dallas to get some learnin.  They decided their education would be enhanced by a morning downPAINment.

Mosey on down to the local high school…

Pullup/Merkin pyramid

Animal walks around the block (15 x 15 yard square) with some LBCs during rest
Bear crawl
Duck walk
Leap frog

Goal post cliff hangers

Mosey on over to a bench for decline merkin/bench jump pyramid

Suicide run

Goal post cliff hangers

Pullup/high decline merkin pyramid (partner holds legs up)

Reverse crunch
Box leg raise
Low slow flutter
Sarkozy (legs straight, leg up, leg back, leg forward)
Putin (straight, up, back, forward)
Russian hammers

400m run

Mosey on back to the hotel


– Was hoping to entitle this post “Doogie does Dallas,” but sadly Doogie was elsewhere.  Kaufman salvaged this hope, sparing me from crippling disappointment, with the Dukie addition.
– Best not to eat prior to the downPAINment.  Not sure why I need to keep learning this lesson.
– Kaufman, once again, ran me into the ground.