10 PAX, including 4 FNGs planted the VSF on this frigid (19 degrees!) February morning.  All of the normal F3 Durham leadership was away this weekend, doing who knows what. Rather than cancel the workout, Riggs threw a hail mary and asked Floyd and Dream Catcher to QIC.




Indian Run: After the proper Indian run technique was explained, we did a lap around the big oak tree. Flying J still insisted on sprinting the entire time.

Side Shuffle Hop x 20

Standard Merkins  x 20

Mountain Climbers x 20

Windmills x 20

Imperial Walkers x 20


Run to the east campus quad with the weird statue.

Backwards run

Karaoke run

Forward run


The workout was split into a Floyd segment and Dream Catcher segment. Floyd was up first.


Circuit City:


Everyone partnered up. The first person ran 50 yards while the other exercised. Once the runner got back, they switched.


Merkins, 50 yard run

Mountain Climbers, 50 yard run

Jump Squats, 50 yard run

Carolina Dry Docks, 50 yard run.

Partner carry x 50 yards


Burpees, 100 yard run

LBCs, 100 yard run

Up and Down planks, 100 yard run

Diamond Merkins, 100 yard run

Partner Carry x 50 yards


I had a lot more pain planned, but time was up, so we shifted to the Dream Catcher. First order of business was a brisk jog out to the elementary school. Oh, crap….is that Dream Catcher’s car?  Pop the trunk and pull out 5 full size cinder blocks that Dream Catcher stole from a neighbor. Walk over to the pull up bars.


Super Bowl Saturday (4 quarters of pain!)


Again partner up…..

One partner exercises with the cinder block, the other without.


1st quarter: Merkins, Cinder block rows (2 sets)

2nd quarter: Explosion squat jumps, cinderblock squats (2 sets)

3rd quarter: pullups, overhead presses (2 sets)

4th quarter: Jump lunges, cinder block lunge with overhead press (2 sets)


Mosey back to the quad for Mary:

Round robin ab workout including: low flutters, bicycles, hello dollys, skydivers, plank x 30 seconds, hip thrusts, situp elbow to knees, 6 inch leg raises, LBCs, something else (can’t remember).


COT: Had to come up with 4 new names which turned out well. Cheese whiz, because he was from Philly, Jaboo (Major League voodoo bat name), Rabbit (cause he is from Detroit/8 mile and has a bunch of kids), TimBucTu (because he is from Indiana). Turns out Jaboo has more kids, but we already had given Rabbit’s name out.




-Skydivers actually looked like a true skydiver formation. We got some strange looks from passerby’s during that one. “Nothing weird going on here!”

-Someone decided to give a little “jet propulsion” during one of the ab exercises.

– TClaps to everyone (especially the FNGs) for coming out in record numbers in 19 degree weather.

– Awesome reaction from The Stig who showed up a little late…..we were picking partners for the partner carry. The Stig didn’t know what we were doing and picked Floyd. He then exclaimed…”Stop! Wait! I picked Floyd for the partner carry????” At least he didn’t sink into the quicksand like Seinfeld did a few weeks ago.