Six daring souls braved the 18 degree temps in the lovely City of the Oaks to get in a bit of GORUCK training.

The Thang:

Warm up with some miscounted Imperial Walkers x 20, Squats x 20, Lunges? x 20 (brain still not thawed).

Grab Buddy and the Shovel Flag and head out in formation at a fast trot to the ball field to setup cones for the Starfish for the 7am Pullen bootcamp.  Cones in place, time to work…20 burpees on your own.

Leave the ball field at a fast trot heading to the NCSU bell tower.  Dweasel (still?) at the bell tower.  Navigate past him to the flag pole, circle up for squats x 20.

Pass the lead to White Shoe who leads us onto the campus green for another set of 20 burpees.

Farther onto campus and we get a 30 merkin penalty for not noticing man down.

Pass the lead to Tecumseh for another 20 burpees.

Stairs at the parking deck and karaoke across to the other side.  Another man down penality, 30 merkins.

Exit parking lot (time to get back for 7am bootcamp, which YHC is supposed to lead with Howard) at fast trot back to Pullen Park.  Cross the road and do another 20 burpees.

Pass lead to Enron, fast trot up to parking lot for last set of 20 burpees and head to park entrance to meet up with single-downers.


Tclaps to Ron Burgundy for joining us in the gloom!  Always good to have more folks join us.

I think this might have been a record cold day for a Raleigh workout (at least for YHC anyway).  It was so cold that when I went to get my second drink of water from my Source water bladder it was frozen!  Had to squeeze the tube to break the ice and get some water.

Buck Rogers decoder report: