3 of Durham’s finest made it out to the parking deck at 4:50am to lay down some pain…

2 lap run, SSH xsomething, IW xsomething, air squats xsomething, arm circles/stretching xsomething

The Thang:
4 flights of single steps
2 flights of bunny hop

Standard merkins x10
Wide merkins x10
Diamond merkins x10

4 flights of double steps (2 at a time)
2 flights of right and left leg single leg hops

Decline merkins x10
Dips x10
Box jumps x10
Pull ups x10
Long walking lunges down and back to a random car
Knee-up merkins right leg x10
Knee-up merkins left leg x10
Leg lift merkins right leg x10
leg lift merkins left leg x10

8 flights of stairs as fast as possible

Mary: 20 windshield wipers, 50 LBCs, 20 low slow flutter, 30sec putins/sarkosys, 20 bicycles


Tclaps to the 3 of us.
Tclaps to everyone to those participating in the F3Durham weekly homework assignment.. this weeks results..

100 burpee challenge
Riggs: 7:38 (in all fairness, this was his second attempt at it… first one was 9:42)
Doogie: 8:40
Seinfeld: 9:38
Floyd: 9:45
Shooter: 12:05 (after a “business” trip to Pinehurst)