24 Pax to watch January ride off to Reno…

The Thang:

Warm Up: Jog two shovel flags (actual) up Hamburger Hill, near the House of Cats and down to the Stone Circle.  Circle up for SSHs, Imperial Walkers, Fazio Circles & Wildcatters (Get’em chopping, sprawl and jump tuck on the Q’s call)

Maximus: Group 1: Max reps of called exercise in cadence; Group 2: Twice on the run up around the Lamp (in honor of Lamp).  Flapjack

Standard merkins, squats, dry docks, single leg squats, incline merkins, single leg squats

3 to 9:  Combo: Up/Down Hamburger Hill 3 Times + Lateral Spartan Burpees for 5 Yds (Repeat Combo 4 Times).

Mary: Alternating Oblique Crunches, Dollies, WWIIs, Rosalitas, Mercuries



  • Freakish mid-winter weather 52 degrees at tip off.  Brought’em out.  Floppy saw his shadow and there’s six more weeks of winter…
  • The Wildcatters set the tone for Lamp Appreciation Day.  It all worked nicely.  High heart rate whatnot. Lamp actually told me that he had fond memories of climbing Hamburger Hill when he was a cross country stallion for Needham Broughton High School back in the day.  Of course, this is before he knew it was Hamburger Hill and likely while Bobby McFerrin was keeping Lamp’s cadence.  Don’t worry.  Be happy.
  • Wonk somehow managed to rearrange the stone wall with his feet and shin without falling but with falling.  Bernoulli’s principles may be implicated.  In any event, Wonk survives the stone wall non-fall fall and then fearlessly confronts the 3 to 9s with aplomb.  With gallons of the red stuff not made by Hunt’s spilling all over the field, Wonk takes a knee.  Then he decides that taking a knee is for people not like us and that he’ll just run wind sprints on the flat ground while we burpee all which ways.  #WonkStrongLikeBull
  • We shredded the hill with mud slick Asics (and Jordaches for White Shoe).  I think I came dangerously close to catching a runaway Big Sproles in the face but Diego Maradona, or something else, grabbed me out of the way.  I would not have won a collision with a downhill Sproles (or an uphill Sproles for that matter).  Dan Fouts called.  Confirmed that Sproles actually was a literal down hill runner.  Not a metaphor.  Say, again, literal.