Warm up:

800M run

SSH x30

Crucifix push-up x15

Imperial Walkers x30

Cannonballs x 30


3-man teams, roughly 2:00 per station, AMRAP

Border run: Rotate between running 45 lb. kettlebell to the border / squat hold

Snowless sledding: Rotate between pushing weight sled up hill / low plank hold

Rope climb: Rotate between rope climb / squat hold

Wall ball: 15 lb. kettlebell over 15′ fence

Pullups: 3 bars, all to failure

800M run

Repeat all stations, roughly 1:30 per station, AMRAP


Russian Hammers x30

Crotch sweats



YHC has been on hiatus from Roanoke Park for a couple of weeks, so it was good being back in the fold.  Great work by the Pax today, especially considering that the workout was designed during the workout.  #Qfail

Always good to see CR down east.

Watching Chong Li scale the rope with his ruck on and 25 lb. kettlebell in hand was a thing of beauty.

Several strong goals for the first half of 2013 thrown out during COT this morning–time to execute.