EC:  Emeril, 187, CHiPS, Nemo, Mookie, UTI

Vests: 187, Skidmark

HC Fartsacks:  M4L

Excuse lexicon addition: Nose clogged up from pollen and meat heart burn

Warm Up:

½ Mile Jog – Karaoke, Curb Step-Ups, Balls to the Wall

½ Mile Jog – x10 Imperial Walkers + x10 Hillbillies, x20 Fazio Arm Circles, x20 Sumo Squats,

The Workout


Partner up. 1 Partner run up the ramp while other partner starts 100 Merkins, 200 LBC’s, 300 Squats.  Divide each exercise evenly rotate after running up/down ramp.


1 partner run in the long direction and the other partner does Preacher Chairs.  Swap

1 partner runs in the short direction and the other partner does Balls 2 the Wall. Swap


X25 – flutter

X 20 – Pickle pounders

X 20 – Homer to Marge

Total running ~2+ miles

Cinco de CSAUP
Prayers:  Crablegs, Neighbor for his marriage, Clay (Roger Rogers neighbor)

Scripture: 2 Timothy 3:16-17 – Read your bible