A fire was needing attention at the top of the hill at Possum Trot this morning. YHC arrived early with a truck load of implements,  unloaded at them at the bottom of the hill to assist in dousing the fire at the top of the hill!

Warm Up: SSH x 15 IC, Downward dog stretches followed by standing hamstring stretches, Fazio arm circles each direction x 10 IC, Michael Phelps a few times to loosen the arms up good for some heavy hauling.

Partnered up for 10 different stations at bottom of  hill consisting of 2 40lb water jugs, 2 50′ 3″ fire hoses for dragging, 40lb barbell simulating pike pole, 2 40lb cinder blocks for overhead carries, slosh pipe, additional fire hose for shoulder carries, etc. Partner 1 made there way up the hill with tools to present to Captain and dropped and complete 5 Merkins before switching up tools to carry back down the hill for partner 2 to carry up. Partner 2 completed Irkins, Derkins, Dips, step ups, & battle rope maneuvers waiting on partner 1 to return. Continued this sequence for several rounds. All PAX carried all the tools back up to truck in main parking lot sharing the load and going back for the six to help them carry part of their load.

Mary: YHC asked for a volunteer to lead and Bernie stepped up to lead us a few rounds of Super Man’s, LBC’s, WWII’s with feet touching one another, squats, Bear crawl hands forward merkins (these were no joke) and something new introduced to the PAX. YHC took us out with 20 frog jumps.

COT: Announcement of upcoming CSAUP Ruck this Saturday from Womble Park from 8-12. Nemo threw out a plug for Disney tomorrow and not wanting anyone to miss the special guest co-Q leading the workout. Name-a-rama.

BOM: Prayers for Deadbolts wife’s family – her grandmother just passed away earlier this week. YHC took us out in prayer.

Double D out…..