5 PAX hit the parking deck for the Tuesday 4:50 am domination station.
Indian run down 4 ramps
Stretch – windmills, split-leg hammies, arm circles, quads (aka calves)
Staggered run up 4 flights of stairs. 
Burpees x5 @ each landing
Air squats while waiting
Run down 8 flights of stairs
Run back up parking ramp to top deck with 10-lb paver in each hand
Partner run/exercise (one runs 150 m, other does given exercise until partner returns):
Merkin-rows (Merkin with hands on pavers, down and up, row with each hand is one rep)
Carolina Dry-docks
Full Turkish get-up
Partner merkin/exercise (same as above but Merkin variation instead of run):
Merkin/Tiger Uppercut x20 (while holding paver in each hand, full squat, one-arm push-press to opposite side of body while rising and finishing with calf-raise at the top)
Carolina Dry-dock/Jump lunges x20
Merkin twist/Lung to arm curl x20
6 mins of Mary:
Skull-crusher to sit-up with paver in each hand x10
Leg push-down x10
Russian hammer with paver xburnout