The shovel flag was frozen in place.

2 pax…2 lone dedicated pax…posted in the frozen gloom of yankeeville for one final workout at the Walnut Street Park. Next week we begin to push deeper into the hinterlands to EH more men who need the unity that is F3.

The Thang:

grab coupons from YHC’s truck, run them to the benches, run back to front SSH x 35, GM x 20

Run to coupons, grab them, run further, drop them.

Run across field, up hill, around bend, lunge walk, return to coupons.

We then ran to a shelter to continue the majority of our workout.

coupon danks

coupon derkins

squat hold


repeato x 3

merkins while one dude carries a coupon a distance, diamonds on it, runs back. flapjack

same thing, with two coupons doing a wide merkin


dank sarkozy

dank putin


Homer to Marge holding coupons aloft.

squats again

squat holds


we did COT early due to frost bite. By early YHC means 2 minutes.


It was a good workout all things concerned, the park served us well, but it is time to move on.

Good work Howard…great work yankees!

Shout out to CK…UA level 5.