A record-tying PAX of 11 showed up on a balmy morning (hey, it was 18 degrees yesterday) to head into the gloom.



Jog to upper field, with a quick pause / high-plank hold to allow Wonk to get out of his car

SSH x 20

Good Mornings x 20

Fazio arm circles x 8, reverse

Mountain Climbers x 20

Circle of Pain:

2 mile run around Shelley Lake, with 7 stops:

1.)    8 pull-ups on neutral grips, 15 knuckle merkins, 20 alternating left/right step-ups, high-plank hold.  Rotate through 3x.

2.)    Carolina Dry Docks x 20, Air Squats x 20

3.)    Spiderman merkins x 15, reverse lunges x 20

4.)    Wide grip merkins x 20, single-leg deadlifts x20

5.)    Staggered merkins x 20 (left hand forward), x 15 (right hand forward) (more on this below)

6.)    Hill sprint relay – PAX in high-plank hold at bottom of dam hill (pun intended?), first PAX does 5 merkins as fast as possible, sprints to top of hill and drops into high and/or low plank hold, next PAX does 5 merkins, sprints up hill, etc.

7.)    Ran out of time for special station with cones, so moved immediately into Mary/COT combo (low plank hold)


·         Tclaps to Chong Li for posting this morning after the GORUCK this past weekend, rolling in at 5:45 on the nose.  #maximizingsleepandrecovery #stillonadvil

·         Great to have Chappy join us from Charlotte this morning! The Spanish countdown was a nice touch…

·         YHC had to break stop #5 above into two separate stops in order to avoid the potentially awkward situation of 11 dudes dressed in all black running up on a random solo jogger in the middle of the woods.  Either way, the situation still did not prevent unavoidable conversation among the PAX about overtaking the jogger anyway, assimilating him into the PAX, and giving him a nickname. #hardcore

·         Be sure to mark Thursday Feb. 28 and Saturday March 2 on your calendars – both to celebrate one year of F3 in Raleigh, albeit “celebrate” probably means two different things in this situation.