7 faithful ventured out into the unknown of Duke’s West Campus at 5am this morning and found an unlit soccer field that was perfect for Doogie’s Drop Attacks.
Warm-up (Riggs):
Imperial walker x 20
Merkins x 20
Mountain climbers x 10
SSH x 20
Enter Doogie for his first Q…
Drop Attacks:
1 min run (back and forth), 1 min exercise, 1 min rest
25 yard sprints – standard merkins
25 yard sprints – air squats
*5 burpees during rest*
25 yard sprint – diamond merkins
back pedal 10 yard, sprint 10 yard – burpees
indian run recovery
cakalacky choo choo – elbow planks, left side elbow plank, right side elbow plank (3 min straight)
indian run recovery
Drop attacks
25 yard sprints – carolina dry docks
25 yard sprints – single leg squats
17s (10 yard back and forth 17 times as fast as possible – old basketball drill) – walking lunges until everyone done
Mary (led by Seinfeld):
slow bicycle
leg climbers
rotation WW2s
Russian twists
Strong showing this morning, 7 guys at 5am in sub-40 degree weather…strong to quite strong, I would say
tclaps to Doogie for taking the Q on this one and bringing some serious pain to the PAX
inverted tclaps (or whatever the opposite of tclaps would be) to Doogie for his technical ineptitude in posting this backblast…maybe it’s a lack of blood-flow to the brain
tclaps to Seinfeld for leading the Mary today