Before the sun rises and before the rooster crows, 3 PAX collected a pile of bricks from the back of a truck.  CK did not tell the unsuspecting helpers what was in store, only to help him distribute bricks in various locations around the park.

07:00 came and we began.

ssh x15
arm circles x15
high knees in place x15

Black Friday:
we will run as a tight group until we see a brick (coupon), we will stop at that brick and a pax without a brick will pick it up and call out an exercise.  The group will do that exercise for a 20 count, then we will continue on.
* Mountain Climbers (Caddie)
* Merkins (Fazio)
* Air Squats (Howard)
* a brief interlude here while we climb the terraces
* LBC (Floppy Disk)
* Diamonds (Maize)
* Dips (Au-Pair)
* Burpees (PacMan)
* a brief interlude here while we do two climbs up the 7 ft stone wall
* WWII situps (Bootlegger)
* robert plants (4 laps) (Tecumseh)
* spider walk (Wonk)
* Imperial Walkers (Tooth Fairy)

The Turkey Burner at the ampitheatre:
* with no transition time, 20 jump ups, 20 dips, 20 incline merkins, rest, repeat

Jog across the park, commando jump the fence and arrive at Jacobs Ladder
* Traditional Jacobs Ladder, 7 times up the hill, incrementing burpees at the top

Jog back to stonehedge (our bricks were in a nice circle) for Mary:
* 20x Rosalitas
* 20 count Rosalita spread open
* 20x LBC
* 6 inch leg hold
* 25 overhead squats (with coupons)

The Moleskin:
* Tecumseh shows up with some apparatus on his upper body, not sure if he ate too much at thanksgiving and was covering it up, or if it was a weighted vest.  The conclusion in the group was leaning towards weighted vest, yet Tecumseh himself had no idea how much weight was in there.  Iron sharpens Iron.
* Tclaps to bootlegger for his second F3 workout and leading off some good counting for WWII situps, #strong
* Tclaps to Wonk and Floppy Disk for helping distribute the bricks around the park.
* According the Floppy Disk’s inspector gadget device, we ran 1.9 miles and burned 914 calories.
* Big thanks to Howard and Howard 2.0 for distributing standard issue gear so we can continue to stay warm.
* Tclaps to Pacman and Floppy Disk for stepping up to lead next week.  You heard that right, they are leading next week and at coffee I heard some rumblings of an impossible workout.
* We started with 11 and ended up with 12, the Tooth Fairy might have been visiting too many kids last night and appears near the end of black friday.
* Tclaps to Wonk for calling bastard, it was well earned
* A big pat on the back for everybody pitching in and picking great exercises and counting it out.