3 Pax showed up this frigid morning to pay for the gluttony that was had yesterday. We can only surmise that the rest of the men couldn’t roll out of their fartsacks.

The Thang:

run .5 miles to parking deck, up the stairs to level 5, down the ramps and back up the stairs.

Warmup: SSHx20, Fazios x10each

run to bottom of first ramp. take turns running to top ramp, 5 burpees at top, 10 merkins at bottom. flapjack

at top of next ramp, 10 mountain climbers at bottom, lbcs max at top, flapjack.

at bottom of the same ramp, 10 sarkozys and 10 putins at top, squat holds at bottom. Yours cannot remember the fourth round, but I believe there was one.

finally leave the parking deck, run down hill then back up the hill for 6 minutes of mary. holds x 30, wwII x30, holds x 30, Rosalitas x30, flatiron oblique crunches x 20, lbc x 20

run back to starting line for an stopwatches 101 for the uninitiated. a stopwatch is performed on a fairly steep hill. high plank facing up the hill and wind yourself plank walk style until you are facing downhill. just for fun, throw in a low plank hold. For fun…seriously.

End the workout with three laps around the parking lot in a relay with squat holds, planks, and something else for those waiting for the baton. #needtostartwritingthiscrapdown. flapjack.


25 minutes in the parking deck helped warm us all up, but it was cold nonetheless. The mileage was probably close to 2.3 with the running we did in the parking deck, but I could be overshooting that by a lot.

Tclapps to Fazio and Maize for tagging along. Fun was had by all. no FEBAs, so I need to amp it up.

Tclapps also to Howard who, no doubt was in his GC coma, but provided wonk with some new afghanistan camo thermal wear. It was much needed and appreciated this cold morning.

Announcements: Second F this thursday at Tyler’s Taproom in Raleigh. F3 + M Christmas party at Whiteshoe’s house on the 15th.