In the spirit of our forefathers led by Captain John Smith, 15 of the faithful headed out to further secure their foothold in the new world on a glorious Thanksgiving morning.

1st Course:  a scout team of 5 set out at 06:30 to get the lay of the land on foot and explore some new territory. Unfortunately, the recon effort was cut short when we went a man down – Flatliner’s ankle fell prey to a rogue stick hidden among an otherwise innocent looking patch of leaves..  The Pax kept watch while YHC headed back to secure transportation and collect our fallen brother.  After a ride back to the launch point, in what can only be described as a White Shoe inspired grit and determination, Flatliner pressed on for the remainder of the journey – #pioneerspiritondisplay

2nd Course:  The remainder of the crew rolled in at 07:00 to continue the work at hand.

The Thang:

Warmup:  1/4 mile run, plank jacks, imperial walkers, CK good mornings, merkins

Fazio’s Turkey Leg (variation of Pax favorite Dog-leg Left)

  • Group 1 runs to top of stone circle, does 5 burpees and heads back while group 2 does exercise, then groups flapjack (x 3)
  • Round 1 – lbc’s, round 2 – dips, round 3 – squat hold

Head to stone circle for squat jump on wall x 2

Mosey to field for Wonk’s Thanksgiving Day parade:

  • Group 1 sprint across, field karaoke run down sideline, backward run across field, karaoke run to start while group 2 does variety of plank exercises – flapjack
  • Group 1 bear crawl across field, shuffle slide down sideline, backwards run across field, shuffle slide back to start while group 2 does plank variation and dry docks – flapjack
  • Group 1 repeats first series of runs while group 2 does plank variations – flapjack
  • Group 1 sprints across field and back while group 2 does lunge jumps – flapjack

Run to parking lot for CK’s Drumstick Destroyer:

  •  Lunge walk 25 yards
  • Backwards lunge walk 25 yards

Roll over to stone circle for Mary:

  • 6 inch leg hold x 20
  • Crunchy frogs x 20
  • Holyfields x 20
  • Dive bomber push-ups x 15
  • Russian hammers x 20
  • Hello dolly fast x 10
  • Hello dolly slow x 10
  • Plank push-ups x 20

3rd Course:  COT


Thanksgiving spirit was alive and well this morning. Good to have Grease Monkey and Braugh post for their first Fletcher workout.  Nary a BS call was heard, though CK’s dive bombers brought a few of us to the brink.  Tclaps to our two FNG’s for coming out this morning.  Thunderclaps to FNG Bootlegger for posting to both the early run and the ensuing workout.  Bootlegger reports that Au Pair put the EH on him to come out with the promise of joining him for the  07:00 workout only to pull a UA5.   The MIA report has already been forwarded to the agency, so don’t be surprised if referrals begin to dry up.

Very cool to hear the Pax share Thanksgiving traditions at COT.   No doubt that somewhere in the Queen City MoneyHose’s heart was strangely warmed with word of Howard’s plans to catch a movie then hit the GC buffet afterwards, answering the siren call of the chocolate fountain.  There’s always next year MH, always next year.

Much, much to be grateful for this day, not the least of which is our growing band of F3 brothers in Raleigh.  Aye!

Wolf Run tomorrow and Pullen on Saturday go at regular times.  Shake the tryptophan coma and come work off today’s indulgence.