The shovel flag was planted and the PAX jogged up the hill under the leadership of North Hills’ own Ron Burgundy on the second official running of F3 Raleigh North Hills.


1/2 mile jog through some of the northern hills.

Imperial walkers, SSH, 15 merkins, mountain climbers, 15 merkins

jog to back parking lot.  Group A pick up a large rock – deadlift, squat, shoulder press rock continuously until group B runs three laps around parking lot.  Flapjack.  x 2.  Time # 3, rock lifters do front raises with the rocks continuously, while group B runs, flip.

Head to playground.  dips x 15, incline merkins x 15, squats x 20.  repeat. [mysterious creature in all black appears out of the darkness during squats.  turns out to be Money Hose.  QIC Ron Burgundy elects to let him join the PAX 23 minutes late].

Ron Burgundy announces “Stay classy F3 North Hills” and gives the conch to Kind David.

Head to tennis courts.  Mogul jumps x 20, speed skaters x 20.  The Roger Federer* x 3.  (*Serve, run to service line, back pedal to baseline, 5 burpees, sprint to net, hit volley, back pedal to baseline, sprint to net, hit volley, sprint back to baseline).

Mosey to shelter.  20 backboard slaps x 2, 15 incline merkins with a clap x 2.

Mosey to outfield for 6 Minutes of Mary: LBCs, high slow flutter, hello dolly, cannonballs, freddie mercury, hello putin, hello sarkozy.


In the second ever installment of Raleigh North Hills, there were no FNGs in what is supposed to be an FNG friendly workout.  If there are no FNGs next week, the PAX will be doing the Ski Lift for 45 minutes.  Bring FNGs – or face dire consequences.

Not sure if its ok to show up halfway through a workout, but Money Hose reports that a full fartsack would have resulted in MH never making North Hills again, while a half fartsack and half post equate to perfect prospective North Hills attendance.  An acceptable decision.