Just a few well known duos to be mentioned in TV land, now it appears a F3 one is in the making mostly be default. Virtual shovel flag planted and 2 (yes 2) braved the mild morning for the trail run at Lake Johnson. For the 2nd time in 4 weeks Mazie and Fazio have represented the PAX, and since we were in Durham one of the others it was cancelled. No problem, the good thing about accountability is that it only takes 2 people to make it happen so we stepped it up a bit….

3 Mile Trail Run @ 7 min,30 second pace….those 5 hills were speed bumps I tell you

C.O.P. (Rotate back and forth with calls)

Mtn Climbersx 30, Good Morningsx 25, Markinsx25, Walking Lungesx25, Backwards Run 50 yards, Plank Jacksx30, LBCs x40, Dry Docks x20, Frend Dip 90 seconds, Step Ups x20, Dips x20, Chilcut 90 seconds, Rosalitas x40, Peter Parkers x25, Diamond Merkins x 20

High counts across the board, would have not done the above if it was just myself. MMaize wanted to know why we drove 20 minutes to work out when Fazio & I live close together and it was just the 2 of us. Because as always, you never know who might show up…..and if no one does you’ll do a lot more than you would have otherwise.

Happy Thanksgiving to F3 Nation, safe travels to those going or arriving. For those struggling with a loss or current challenge, thoughts and prayers to all of you.


Thanksgiving Convergence @ Fletcher Park: 6:30 run, 7:00am Boot Camp….COT at 7:45

Nov 29th Tyler’s Tap Room @ 6:30pm: White Shoe is the Q, Ron Burgundy as co for Anchorman

Dec 15th Christmas Party: RSVP to invite, great event for the M’s

-A few new workout options in the Triangle, check the site and make sure to let your friends know