Howard and Wonk kept the spirit alive in CARY this morning for a rousing round of pain.

Warmup: SSH x 30, IWx15, Dips x 20, SSH x 20, incline merkins x 10, squat hold jump ups x 5

Chiabatta of planks

Run to field of plenty. Partner up (which was easy with wonk and howard being the lone PAX strong enough to post in the yankee land of CARY)

1 man do ab work max rep., the other run to the hill and complete 10 merkins, 6 times.

WWII, LBC, FM, Sarkozy, Putin, Plank

Diamond Triangle: run to three different points in the field of plenty and complete 30 of the following, broken into three different parts: Diamond Merkins, Wide Grip Merkins, Standard Merkins

Stopwatch. Start with a high plank on the hill, wind yourself around until in a decline high plank. Do a few merkins and holds, repeat.

Run to soft padded area for some more squat hold jumps and a round of Mary. LBC, 6 inch holds, HD, holds, Rosalita, hold, windmills, hold, HSF, hold, sarkozy dips, hold, putin dips, die.

Plank walk under spider web, do a few more decline low plank holds, and end with some reverse rows.

T-Clapps to Howard for keeping me company. I no doubt would be arrested for violating Cary’s numerous ordinances by counting cadence alone.

T-clapps to the rest of the PAX for getting some rest because we are going to give it to you good at the Thanksgiving convergence which starts with a run at Fletcher park at 6:30 and a bootcamp at fletcher at 7:00.

Second F on Thursday the 29th at Tyler’s Taproom. F3 Dads on the 8th at Wonks, F3 + Ms Christmas Party on the 15th at Whiteshoe’s.