Hard frost on the grass; can’t see anyone; grab the Shovel Flag (actual) and off we go…

The Thang:

Warm Up-Run around for a little while, rally around the Flag and the Memorandum, SSHs, Fazio Circles, Mountain Climbers

Appetizer-Ciabatta Scramble

8 sets of 20s work/10 s rest:

Work: Defensive Choppers with called Sprawl and Squat Jumps alternating

Salad Bowl

6 Times:

Team 1: 2 X 97 yd windsprint (down and back to fence)

Team 2: Rest (switch)

Main Event — Edmund Hillarys a.k.a. Tenzig Norways

Version 1: Pax lunge walks from bottom of Fletcher Pond near Interpretive Sign up to Cone No. 1, plank hold, lunge walk up to Cone No. 2, 10 X Single Leg Squat Pistols (5 on each leg), lunge walk across field to Cone No. 3 at base of Hamburger Hill, 10 X Standard Merkins and 10 X Carolina Dry Docks (repeato), lunge walk up Hamburger Hill to Cone No. 4 at top of Hamburger Hill, plank hold…jog back to beginning

Version 2: Same deal, except no plank holds at Cone No. 1 and no Merkins and CCDs at Cone No. 3



  • We lung walked.  A lot.  “Halfway across Fletcher Park…” according to some…
  • The Defensive Choppers Ciabatta (aka Tabata Style after Dr. Tabata of the Dharma Initiative) were a big hit for the Floppy Disk contingent.  The Buck Rodgers Decoder’s heart rate monitor reached Secretariat levels…
  • You could feel the frosty grass  crunching under our hands…”That’s how you know it’s good,” says Brian Fantana.  Ben Johnson was forced to burn syringes to stay warm…
  • A big hearty “We’re gonna zero in on your hat” welcome to our man Waldo (FNG).  He didn’t know it showing up but he got a dealt a stiff hand for his maiden voyage.  Nothin’ but off suit single digits for Waldo.  He stuck it out and brought good humor to COT.  Thunder claps. 
  • We didn’t have time to take roll.  I am forgetting 3 of the Pax.  My bad.  Oxygen.  Sound off in the comments. 
  • The Memorandum on workout names and the Spartan Fratopia in the Spring.  Learn it.  Love it.  Live it.  Bring the jokes by the bucket to next Wednesday’s naming convention…