The Thang:

Warm Up–Round ’round the Park; SSHs, Mountain Climbers…

3 3-man teams; 1 4-man team

Station 1: Cinder Block Sumo High Deadlift

Station 2: Rope Climb–each pax climbs once

Station 3: Dead Hang Pull Ups

Station 4: Wall Ball Toss

Station 5: Over Head Squat Press of 1 tree, 1 slosh pipe and some KBs from the White Shoe collection in there somewhere

1 Minute of Mary — Mercuries, Six Inch Hold



  • Some logistical wrinkles this morning.  YHC set up the stations at 0500, planning to take a relative to the train station at 0530, back in time for fun at 0600.  Relative slept late.  YHC presses the Chong Li Experience into QIC action with 3 minutes notice after setting up all of the stations.  Aforesaid Chong Li Experience ably leads the Pax on no notice.  YHC returns for a 25 minute workout after successful Train Depot Drop Off.
  • Roanoke Park struck back this morning; whether it’s all the turkey from last week or the cold temperatures, all Pax reported difficulty with Chuck Norrises on the Rope andPull Ups.  We agreed that holidays off are for quitters.
  • Chong Li, Flops and White Shoe are “in” for GoRuck in Charlotte.  Godspeed, men.  They’ll be our Rabbis for the May iteration in Raleigh…
  • Chong Li is dedicating the effort to his cover story girlfriend, who made the ill advised decision to be born on the same date as aforesaid GoRuck Challenge. #it’sallforyousweetheart .  Also dedicating it to St. Valentine, who made the ill advised decision to undertake canonizable conduct on said date….
  • Persnickity compliance issues will require YHC to attend a Junior College for 2 seasons before being able to fully qualify for today’s workout…
  • I have it on good information that while I was away  the Joke Batallion was in full deployment over YHC’s standard issue half-hitch knot connecting our friend Chuck Norris to the backstop.  In the words of Bill or Ted or both, that’s bogus.  The knot held and is not responsible for the substandard performances today…I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’