17 Pax Arrived in the Crabtree Valley Flood Zone and the waiver was read. Ron Burgundy noticed the waiver included a “don’t do an exercise if you think it might be too dangerous.”

Bob Vila, Krusty the Clown, Yo Yo and King David obtained extra credit. The 5:15 extra credit session went as follows:

Bridge circuit: Run across footbridge to Crabtree Valley Ave, 10 jump ups on the guardrail, jacobs ladder to five on the grass hill along Crabtee Valley Ave with descending burpees at the top, jog up Edwards Mill and turn right and crab walk across upper bridge back into parking lot, down the stairs. Repeat.

13 more Pax arrived for the main event at 5:30:

Run across footbridge to Crabtree Valley Ave, warm up in grass area by big rock. SSHx 25, standard merkins x 20, mountain climbers x 20, sir fazio arm circles x 16, windmills x 20, good mornings x 20, Jack Webb.

Run across Homewood Banks Dr. and cross bridge back to mall, mosey to base of large ramp up to Belks parking lot.

Elevens on large ramp from street level up to top level next to Belks, squats at bottom, burpees at top, run in between.

Mosey over to Brio and restaurant area.

Bear crawls down the steps from top level to street level, run back up stationary escalator in middle. Repeat 3 times through (steps get more steep about half way down – this RB’s dangerous portion of the event).

Mosey over to Belks.

Partner up. Bobby Petrinos the length of the front of Belks switching with partner half way across. 3 times through.

Mosey back to starting area mixing in some karaoke. Down the stairs.

Mary – LBCs, heels to Heaven, alternating oblique crunch. Jack Webb to 8.


* Welcome back Krusty the Clown who made his second consecutive post after his FNG performance at Dawn Patrol the day before.
* The ramp up to Belks is significant.