With the opening ceremonies last night, YHC had a thought – why can’t we, as ordinary Americans, compete in the winter olympics? 7 pax, including 1 FNG, set out to make their olympic dreams come true…

Warm-up: 1/2 mile run to “Olympic Park”
SSH, arm circles, IW, mountain climbers
5 pull-ups, 15 merkins – repeato x3
Traveling merkins around the olympic cauldron
1/2 mile run back to the speed skating rink

One pax sprints around the concrete speed skating rink while remaining pax perform various exercises – hand off until all 7 go – rotate between snowboarders (squat with 180-degree jump), Dan Jansens, and Moguls (side to side tuck jump) – when all 7 are done, 10 merkins
Repeato x3

Pick 6 (no hockey rink)
1. sprint end line to end line of soccer field – 6″ leg raise, 10 count down the line
2. walking lunge to half, sprint the rest – low slow flutter, 10 count down the line
3. dragon walk 1/4 field, sprint the rest – freddy mercury, 10 count down the line

Mosey over to the hill – not a crazy incline but approx 300m in length – sprint up, yog down, 10 merkins at the bottom – repeato

Back to the speed skating rink – grab the olympic torch (15-20lb rock) – 10 right then 10 left shoulder press – 10 tricep extension – 10 sochi hammers (russian hammers) down the line


– Welcome to our newest FNG, Doug (Toto) – this was a tough workout for your first – he lost his merlot toward the end, but he didn’t quit – it was impressive – YHC probably would have went home
– Congrats to Ice Man and his new son, Charlie – I hope infantile amnesia is real because that beard would scar most children…
– Prayers to Kaufman regarding the loss of his grandmother
– YHC is more of a summer olympics kinda guy…
– Flying J watch continues… do we have a comparable bat signal to call him?