It’s always a pleasure to start my week right with the pax at Crucible.  This time around, YHC wasn’t very creative, but wanted to give the men a tough workout so the cones came out.  After some discussion about “Dingut” and Marmalade’s girlish squeal during the pre-run at the sight of a supposed snake, there was an intro (no disclaimer) and we began.

WARMUP – SSH x 20, GM x 10, IW x 20, and 20 burpees


Short run to the four cones in the lot.  We got to do the stations three times.

  • Lunge walk to first cone, 30 Monkey Humpers
  • Bear crawl to second cone, 20 burpees
  • Crab walk (some off-road) to the third cone, 20 WW2
  • Burpee broad jump to fourth cone, 20 merkins
  • Back to the beginning for 20 star jumps

Headed to the track (since the pax were complaining about the redundancy) for a burpee lap.  10 steps then 5 burpees.  Repeat.  We did modify to 15 steps for the sake of time.  This was ugly, but everyone made it through with grace.  (Except for Aflac who was complaining that the Q had poor form on his burpees…this was corrected.)

Ran around the lot briefly and CDC led some LBC’s and YHC finished us with some Freddy Mercuries.

ANNOUNCEMENTS – Forum today at Noon.  ManCamp coming along thanks to the work of Marmalade and Tinkertoy and a free electrician thrown in there.  First camping coming up in about a month.

PRAYERS – For Pygmy’s back and ManRam’s continued knee healing.  ManRam about to make some job changes and figuring out school for his son for next year.  Also, prayers for Tuck’s friend Christine that was hit by a car last week (in recovery).

CDC took us out well (as always) including thanks for the “Disturbing Leadership” this morning.  Great times.