11 pax arrived bright and early in the Bull City ready for their weekly downPAINment.  The VSF was planted and the beatdown commenced.

Fellowship-paced mosey to the quad, where it appeared that an F4 group was forming.  Fearing a challenge to the Pax’ manhood, Riggs doubletimed the COP before the ladies could assemble their crew:
SSH x 25
IW x 20
Mountain climbers x 20
Merkins x 25

Mosey on over to Watt’s Elementary PAINground, with some Lil Jons along the way…

Merkin ladder (5, 10, 15, 20, 25) with 5 pullups between each set
Squat tuck box jumps ladder (5, 10, 15, 20) with Derkin twists x 4 between each set

Flying J takes the helm…

Mosey to the tennis courts, people’s chair along the way…

Wimbledon part deux:
Each court has an exercise, 40 reps each exercise split between three stations (back corner, T, net).  Run up to service line, shuffle to T, run to net, shuffle to front corner.  Then the next court.
Court 1 – merkins
Court 2 – air squats
Court 3 – LBCs
Court 4 – jump lunges
Court 5 – burpees

Beta test of F3 baseball:
Pitcher pitches tennis ball to batter who calls out exercise, batter hits ball (in theory) and runs to tree (40 yards away) and back.  Pitcher does 25 of exercise.  If pitcher finishes before batter gets back, batter does 10 of exercise.  If batter finishes first, pitcher does 10 more.  Got through about 5 rounds.  Floyd predictably picked burpees just so he would beat the pitcher for sure.


– Tclaps to Eastbound for spilling the Merlot and then finishing strong
– Tried to do the first part of the workout with no rests in between workouts, but gave each Pax a 5 second count that they could use whenever.  Not sure who was left holding on to their 5 seconds, but could have used a few more breaks.
– Great to have 3 FNGs today – Eastbound, Schwinn, and Franz.  Hope to see you guys out again.
– Kotters to Dream Catcher.  Tclaps on the fellowship in Arizona, too.  Maybe an out west expansion of F3???