As the VSF was planted, concern among the Pax of 13 was palpable. The faithful arrive at Heavy Metal ready to work their bodies hard, but after the geometrical mindbender of my last HM Q, I believe there was real fear that trigonometry or advanced physics would be required to navigate this morning’s downPAINment.

Fortunately (or not), YHC listened to feedback from my last Rubick’s cube attempt and went basic, almost elemental. We worked exckysuvekt in unison, exercise variety was kept low with high repetition, and transitions were short and quick. Basic geometry for the course as well, circles and a triangle. The result: confusion went down, effort and grumbling went up.

Count off, circle up, commence warm-up:
SSH x 25
Imperial Walker x 25
Merkin x 20
Fazio Arm Circles x 8 and reverse
Mountain Climbers x 10

The Thang: A triangle of stations, each with a piece of gear. Pax circle up and one brave man steps to the center and grabs the gear. He will AMRAP on the gear while the circle completes a 20 cadence count on 1 of 2 station exercises. Man in the middle switches out and the group alternates their exercise until all men have laid hands on the gear, then move to the next station.
Station 1:
Man in Middle: 35lb KB swings
Group: Mountain Climbers x20
Squats x20
Station 2:
Man in Middle: WWII sit-ups with Medicine Ball
Group: Jack Webb ladder with a 1:2 merkin to shoulder press ratio up the ladder from 1-5
Squat hold 20 count
Station 3:
Man in Middle: Modified Turkish Get-Up (see Moleskin)
Group: Carolina Dry Docks x20
Alternating forward lunges x20
Cannonball x25
Superman x25
Low Slow Flutter x25

+ Excellent work by all to push through the mental tedium of a low variety/high repetition routine.
+ Turkish Get-Up: everyone should work on this. Find a YouTube video for form. Work with small weight and we will build up. With respect to today’s station 3, YHC tried to balance a paver in his raised hand as weight. However, Howard rightly suggested we should limit the number of times concrete hits our faces, so we opted to move forward practicing form without the weight… except Bob Villa.
+ Each man shared their current targets for EH. Make a move, men! Our goal is 40+ on Saturday.