Three newcomers, namely Honey and the father-son duo of Wheezer and FNG Psycho, joined Tuesday regulars TI, Two-Ply, and Assisi for the dirtiest workout yet on the manicured artificial grass of the Vortex.  If we had more of the regulars, we would have easily set a Vortex record!  Keep on coming!

After a brisk run around the fields, we made sure everything was in working order with some windmills, mountain climbers, and sideshuffle hops.  We then ran to the playground for round one with muscle fatigue.  We alternated with no rest between four exercises, in cadence to a seven count, while PAX rotated out to do pull-ups until muscle failure plus one (with a minimum of ten; a spotter made sure each person got to ten or went one beyond their max).  The four exercises were Carolina drydocks, dips, and step-ups (both sides).

We were in for a treat when we ran back to the field; forty-pound bags of dirt were waiting for us.  We paired up and did alternating sets of squats and merkins with no rest (twelve reps).  Every other set, we did with a bag of dirt, either on our backs (merkins) or in our arms (squats).  We repeated the cycle three times, for a total of twelve sets (three merkins with dirt, three without, three squats with dirt, three without).  We then ran relays with the dirt.  One person ran down across the field and back carrying the bag, while the other did hand-release merkins.  When both people in a pair had finished, five burpees all around.  Then repeat… (x3)

After a bear crawl, crab walk, and a couple of sprints, time for Mary.  LBCs, Peter Parkers, Hammers, WW IIs, and Plank-o-Rama.  TI updated us on next Saturday’s festivities in Raleigh and on the anniversary workout in Durham and Carrboro BBQ on November 1.  We welcomed Psycho into the group before closing.  Multiple shooting star sightings made it a heck of a morning.