5 Pax braved the cold for this Doom and Gloom workout at Possum Trot. A fartsack was had by most. #shame #PossumTrot #F3SouthWake

Dynamic Warmup

Follow the leader run/ Ninja Run in and outs/ Switch jacks/ shoulder taps/ fazio arm circles

Playground Shenanigans

Run up the slide/ tricep arm walk down the poles/ up twisty slide/ bear crawl down steps, rinse and repeat x4

Circle DrillĀ 

Combination Lock Merkin jacks- 54321 ladder (right lateral merkins followed by plank jacks, alternate direction each ladder)

Circle Blowouts-High knees back for 8, forward for 8, shuffle right for 8, shuffle left for 8 x3 #GoodShuffle

King of the Hill Relay Rocky Style

Grab a rock, Run it to the top of the hill, do 5 burpees, run down. At the bottom-15 sumo squats with alternating side kicks. Rinse and repeat x3

Tabata Bread

1 compound tabata round with switch pushups using your rock followed by oblique twist high knees. #throwthembows


Hot potato (pax sit in circle, commence v sit, pass the rock)

T plank with hip dips

scissor V ups