11 faithful gathered in on a nice fall morning, thankful that the 40’s of yesterdays gloom were gone and the 50’s were back.  With some brief discussion of Chong’s weekend Q in New Orleans, YHC called the time, gave a quick disclaimer and we were off.

The Thang: Mosey the greenway to the park, past the only irrigated city owned soccer/lacrosse field, to the next strangely damp field, circle up for a quick round of warm-ups.

GM x 10, Fazio arm circles F/R x 10, IW’s x 10, SSH x 10

Make your way to the corner of the field for a few rounds of 4 corners. 4 trips around with exercises at each corner escalating from 5 to 20 by 5 at each corner.  First lap burpies, merkins, star jumps, & merkins.  2nd lap merkins, Peter Parkers, burpies, something else. 3rd time Spider man merkins, Peter Parkers, ski abs, Dan Jansen’s, 4th i forget. Peoples chair for a 5 count through the pax between 2nd & 3rd, & 3rd & 4th rounds, BTW x 10 through pax after the final loop.

Follow YHC to the basketball court for a COP by way of LBC pyramid to 40 & back, holding up between sets.

Follow YHC back towards the trail stopping on the street curb for quick feet x 15 & erkins x 15. Mosey back to the greenway, lunge walk the bridge, stop soon after for 5 BOYO, give it all you got back to the start of the trail.

Mary: Low slow flutter x 15, American Hammer x 15, 6 Inches x 10 through the pax.


Naked Moleskin:  YHC was excited that it wasn’t in the 40’s, not quite ready to break out the tights for the season.  Pleased to see Wavy in the gloom, the brother in law of a good friend of YHC’s recently moved up from ATL and a Wolfpack fan too.  Always good to see another familiar face in the gloom.  As is SOP for YHC, while shooting from the hip there were plenty of comments related to the amount of time YHC spends planning for the Q, additionally there were several attempts to slow the pax down by asking the Q to repeat himself, nice try, we’ll figure it out as we go.  Nice crowd, nice weather, nice work, looking forward to a slower paced week in anticipation for the Mule.