Admittedly I’m terrible at remembering to write backblasts – for that I’m sorry. Whether its my terrible memory and inability to remember all pax present or I’m too exhausted to sit at my computer and remember what we did – it isn’t right. Many of you put your heart and energy into the workout and YHC should put equal time into preparation and documentation… new year new me, right?

The thang – brand new durham workout, Devil’s Ridge – back at Duke’s East Campus… no Whole Foods security detail yet… maybe Floyd unleashed the nuclear option in our absence.

Warm-up: yog to the quad – SSH x15, mountain climbers x15, slow merkins x10, stretch

Over to the library stairs
Round 1: bunny hop up and back, right leg hop up and back, left leg hop up and back
Round 2: rinse and repeat x2 (bunny, right, left, bunny, right, left)

Over to Wimbledon for “Deck of Cards” – each suit has an exercise – each number has a value – shuffle the deck, cut by a pax (so as not to seem rigged) – face cards 11, ace 12
First “half” – hearts merkins, diamond air squats, clubs burpees (thanks Coco!), spades full field sprint (no number associated with spades.. just run)

After we finished about half the deck, mary was the remaining cards
hearts LBCs, diamond russian hammers, clubs heels2heaven, spades freddy mercuries


– 13 pax.. thats awesome.. I hope that this continues to grow
– GoRuck in Wilmington – keep your eyes peeled for details – also mudrun in April